Real life NZT-48

Modafinil is a synthetic drug and cannot be extracted from the natural sources like plants. The use of modafinil as cognitive enhancer can be traced back to many years when it was secretly used by startup workers and entrepreneurs. After the emergence of the movie “limitless”, modafinil became a very popular drug.

Everyone wants to have an enhanced cognitive memory to think more clearly and perform better. The movie “Limitless” reveals this human desire as it was centered around the pill NZT-48 as a powerful brain booster. After watching the movie, people wondered if such substance really exists especially as a secret amongst billionaires and powerful military men.

The movie “limitless” was based on a story about a writer Ed Morra (Bradley Cooper) whose life got affected as he struggles to pen his ideas down on paper. NZT-48 was a drug that enhanced his thinking ability and eliminated natural barriers. This drug was introduced to him by his old friend and it transformed him into an excellent writer being able to complete great books in few days making him a successful billionaire investor.

A lot of people started pondering if NZT-48 drug was actually real. Although the author of the book which limitless was adapted from said he knew of many cognitive-enhancing drugs but he didn’t base NZT-48 to any of them. Most media outlets started broadcasting articles about Modafinil as the closest enhancer to NZT-48 as the effects were confirmed by entrepreneurs. But, now we are close enough to call Modafinil as a real life NZT-48 since users confirmed that the effects were very similar to what was experienced in the movie by the author. Modafinil can be called a real life NZT-48 as it has shown wonderful cognitive enhancing effects among workers and students. It has shown substantial benefits to enhance memory and increase alertness.

The new version of modafinil that was recently produced is far less expensive. Although, it’s still more expensive than other drugs like Viagra and Cialis. The pill is almost five times the price of Viagra and Cialis pills as its price ranges from $10 to $20 per pill. This means average people can’t afford the price of the drug hence they go for adrafinil. Adrafinil is the metabolite of modafinil and it was developed before modafinil. The two drugs are similar but adrafinil is a prodrug that takes about an hour before it commences work. The price of Adrafinil is 10 times less than modafinil. But, the two drugs are bought for the same purpose to boost the brain power


Although, the movie exaggerated the effect of the drug as it cannot really make you emerge as a billionaire in few days. Modafinil simply improves attention, learning, focus and memory. But, it does not have the ability to change a lazy person to an excellent and successful billionaire.

Modafinil is a drug that enhances mental alertness, improves memory and enhances cognitive abilities. It has been tested with astronauts and soldiers as it was used to enhance their focus and power thereby preventing them from fatigue especially during long missions. It is widely used by students and entrepreneur as a nootropic agent. It is known as the most potent nootropic for enhancing mental alertness making it very popular among many users.


Modafinil has a fascinating history as it was first discovered in France in the late 1980’s. It was first sold as a drug for sleep disorder by Cephalon, a pharmaceutical company and marketed under the brand name of Provigil. The idea of Modafinil being used off-label is the secret of its success in USA.

By the time the movie “Limitless” was in production, Modafinil pill was a secret amongst powerful men and the rich. It became popular among people because it can really boost concentration and increase productivity to a great extent. It is a powerful smart drug that can increase alertness, cognition and memory.


How does Modafinil works?

The working principle of modafinil has not been fully uncovered but the mechanism of action has been explained by researchers.

The idea behind mechanism of action of modafinil is that it keeps the brain awake and sharp by working as dopamine reuptake inhibitor in certain areas of the brain thereby enhancing extracellular dopamine levels. In other words, modafinil hinders the movement of dopamine hence making it accumulate in the brain.

Several neurotransmitter systems present in the brain can also be influenced by the actions of Modafinil since it stimulates the “upper-like” neurotransmitters and their receptors such as catecholamines, orexin etc. It reduces the effects of “downer-like” neurotransmitters and their receptors such as glycine, GABA and galanin. This helps to boost the effects of stimulatory brain transmitters and suppresses the activity of the inhibitory neurotransmitters leading to a perfect concentration without any need for breaks or sleep.

The increase in the plasticity of the brain which can be associated with improvements in memory and learning is another function of modafinil since it stimulates histamines release in the brain. Most nootropics are known to be neuroprotective and so is modafinil . It enhances the brain pool of inositol, aspartate and glutamine.

Another function of modafinil is the production of ATP and the increment in the usage of the brain energy in order to ensure proper functioning of the brain.

The working principle of modafinil is very complex but it stimulates the excitatory neurotransmitters, increases the production of glucose in the brain, reduces the number of sedative cells and enhances extracellular dopamine levels.


Research and Benefits of Modafinil

Since modafinil is a prescribed drug, it has some side effects such as addiction potential since it acts on dopaminergic neurons making you able to carry out complex tasks. Hence if you get addicted to stuff easily, you should try to avoid modafinil. It is obvious that modafinil delivers great benefits to the brain since it is obviously the best nootropics in existence with minimal side effects. It is commonly referred as ‘smart drug’ because it has numerous benefits but nearly no side effects.

Research has proved its ability to keep the body alert and awake so FDA has approved the drug for the treatment of narcolepsy. It forces your brain neurotransmitters into the awakened state thereby flipping your brain to the activated state. The process of stimulating and awakening neurotransmitters and lowering the effects of sedative ones will simply keep you awake.

A research was carried out where people were told to try sleeping after the intake of modafinil but they couldn’t. This is a very good approach especially when you want to finish up some cognitive work within a very short time. The effect of this drug lasts for about 10 – 16 hours. You need to make sure that you are taking the drug in limited amount otherwise you will get addicted.

Here are some of the benefits of the drug.

Cognitive effects

Although the drug has a medicinal value as it is used to treat sleep disorder but a recent survey shows that most people buy the drug for cognitive benefits. Research shows that modafinil may improve some aspects of working memory, such as digital manipulation, pattern recognition and digital span. Once again, these improvements can be linked to the drug’s ability to reduce the impact of distractions caused by drowsiness.

The drug enhances learning and memory function, efficient task planning and work enjoyment. It also improves sharpness, alertness and concentration since the goal of nootropics is to improve clarity and give you a mental edge with the help of formulas the boosts mental capacity.


The primary advantage of modafinil is to enhance wakefulness thereby keeping people awake when they should be sleeping. People that suffers from serious ailments that prevent them from having adequate energy to enjoy their lives also use the drug. Fatigue can be a major problem for the patients of multiple sclerosis and other similar diseases. These patients can use this nootropic to alleviate fatigue.

Psychiatric disorders

Modafinil can be used to treat neurodegenerative and mental problems since it has been confirmed that the drug enhances alertness and concentration. Modafinil can be of great benefit to people suffering from depression, Parkinson’s disease, drug dependence and alcohol. Modafinil treats lack of concentration, fatigue and low energy level in above mentioned ailments. Modafinil serves as the solution to these diseases since it has a positive effect on the mental outlook and mood of an individual.

Weight loss

An important benefit of modafinil is weight and appetite loss although researchers have not been able to explain this phenomenon. A recent survey shows that a group of people that took the drug experienced a reduction in their caloric intake. One can conclude that the people that take the drug burn additional calories after addition of energy provided by modafinil.

You need to meet your doctor to obtain the prescription for the drug before obtaining it since it’s unregulated in the United States. The process for this is very easy as you only need to locate a trusted pharmacy, place your order and wait till the drug is delivered. This is one of the reason the sale of modafinil is expensive.  As Modafinil provide numerous benefits to enhance mental health, it can be considered as a real life NZT-48.